Vision: A New "America the Beautiful"

In recent decades the United States has been adrift without a clear idea of what it stands for and what its purpose should be. Since World War II, America’s raison d’état was to stop the spread of communism around the globe. With the Soviet Union’s systemic collapse in 1991, more than 40 years of a very costly Cold War between the two giants was over. Looking forward to some kind of peace dividend from scaling down of a well-honed war machine, America started marking time without reassessing its role and purpose in a fast changing world.

As the remaining super power it wasn’t long before the U.S. slipped into the role of World Cop with the expectation that it could settle regional skirmishes or prevent an aggressive nation state from attacking its neighbor. However, it wasn’t long before terrorists began setting the nation’s agenda with brutal attacks.

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 W.J. Van RyW.J. Van Ry

I spent several years studying and researching exponential U.S. population growth after retiring as the President and CEO of a health care network in Northern Nevada. The interest in our too-many-people problem evolved over many years, but crystalized while delivering much-needed health care services to people struggling to stay alive and pay the mounting bills.

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