Vision: A New "America the Beautiful"

In recent decades the United States has been adrift without a clear idea of what it stands for and what its purpose should be. Since World War II, America’s raison d’état was to stop the spread of communism around the globe. With the Soviet Union’s systemic collapse in 1991, more than 40 years of a very costly Cold War between the two giants was over. Looking forward to some kind of peace dividend from scaling down of a well-honed war machine, America started marking time without reassessing its role and purpose in a fast changing world.

As the remaining super power it wasn’t long before the U.S. slipped into the role of World Cop with the expectation that it could settle regional skirmishes or prevent an aggressive nation state from attacking its neighbor. However, it wasn’t long before terrorists began setting the nation’s agenda with brutal attacks.

Several U.S. properties were hit abroad with at-home attacks on the Twin Towers of the New York City Trade Center in 1993 and again on September 11, 2001. Since then the U.S. has been reacting and retaliating, trying to help other nations in turmoil due to Islamic extremism, while mistakenly engaging in costly and wearing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to domestic malfeasance, America is plagued by insurmountable debt and high unemployment and if the truth be told is stretched far too thin with an unaffordable international agenda. What we don’t see is that, like the Soviet Union, we are failing too due to corruption, greed and a depleted treasury.

But present day wars are only a symptom of a planet in ever-increasing distress. The east-west conflict, while framed in religious ideology, is really about the “haves” versus the “have-nots” and who is going to survive the struggle over fast depleting natural resources such as food, water, and energy.

The planet is overloaded with 7.0 billion people most of whom are thirsty, hungry, have poor housing and sanitation, little education and dim hopes for their children. As the population grows and competition for resources becomes keener, the human species has become more endangered than ever.

Even in the U.S., there are 47 million people in poverty, the nation is broke, tired from a long fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, and is slowly recovering from a devastating financial set back. Yet, people from all over the globe want to come to the U.S. If they do, the nation will be ruined by ecological overload, which has been a recurrent theme of ElbowroomUSA. If America wants to assure a prosperous future, it must become bio-sustainable and it can’t do that with the current census, let alone with more newcomers. That reality requires the nation to reframe its future and acquire a new vision of what it wants to be. This is not about some imaginary utopia; this is about salvaging the U.S. and hopefully leading the world out of self-destruction.

The Vision for a New “America the Beautiful”

Bringing America back to the future requires a noble vision in this new millennium that inspires the nation and leads the world by example.

The Vision

America the Beautiful is:
  •   Politically controlled by the electorate with publicly funded federal and state election campaigns.
  •   A safe and secure place to live and work.
  •   A vast land that is naturally beautiful, bio-sustainable, and natural resource sufficient.
  •   A multi-cultural society living in liberty, justice, and equality with a mixture of races, ethnicities, and differing religious and lifestyles centered on an official language and a required allegiance to the United States.
  •   Economically vital and vibrant based on a stable population, clean technology and a re-designed nation-wide infrastructure.
  •   Progressive in its pursuit of educational opportunity, available health care, and meaningful work with livable wages for its citizens.
  •   Accepting and respectful of different gender relationships with wanted children being born to responsible parents.
  •   Seen as a champion of democratic values around the globe by virtue of setting an example of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  •   Peace seeking through diplomacy, having replaced super power ambitions with global power sharing and peaceful intent.
  •   An exemplary leader in helping to restore the environmental health of the planet.
  •   A leader in a worldwide effort to eliminate nuclear armament, arm sales, and war.
  •   A world leader in forestalling mass migrations by helping other nations keep their people in place with food security and socio-economic opportunity at home.

Goals for The New America

  •   Develop and implement a redesigned federal and state election system that enables the electorate to regain power over Congress, the Administration, and state legislatures by virtue of publicly funded campaigns.
  •   Develop a cohesive and comprehensive national strategy that secures the nation’s border and ports, creates tracking systems that can account for individuals coming and going across secure borders, coordinates federal agencies with local and state police in the enforcement of all laws (including those pertaining to immigration), utilizes the national guard, military, and national intelligence services to protect the interests and security of the republic both at home and abroad.
  •   Implement a National Population Policy that sets targets for eventually balancing population size with the eco-economic carrying capacity of the homeland, including the habitat needs of other species.
  •   Reform immigration policies and laws based on the targets established in the National Population Policy.
  •   Implement a cohesive National Environmental Policy that sets objectives and timetables for:
    •   Cleaning up polluted air and water,
    •   Establishing carbon emissions standards,
    •   Transitioning from carbon intensive fuels to clean energy,
    •   Using science-based health standards for all aspects of public safety and security,
    •   Protecting natural resources for the welfare of all species and humans,
    •   Restoring and preserving national parks along with other special places,
    •   Holding manufacturers accountable for end of life recycling and/or the safe elimination of products produced.
  •   Enforce all anti-discrimination laws, develop national educational programs on race relationships, make English the official language, and require all residents to be English proficient in order to obtain trade, professional and/or operation licenses.
  •   Support, finance, and implement national programs on sex education, parenting, and family planning with the intent of giving newborns a better start in life by minimizing the number of unplanned births and reducing abortion as a means of fertility control.
  •   Narrow the wealth gap between the rich and the poor by opening access to educational and training opportunities, create new unemployment statistics to better reflect the availability of workers and where to find them, develop eco-friendly jobs with livable wages and benefits, revise trade agreements to assure the enforcement of environmental and U.S. worker protections.
  •   Reexamine foreign policy with the concept of abandoning hegemonic ambitions and replace it with a policy of leading by example. An enviable track record of sustained prosperity, liberty, and happiness at home will demonstrate to the world what political system is best. Included in this “soft diplomatic strategy” is a strong military that puts priority on homeland security needs and those protections required by treaties. The presence of U.S. military bases and troops on foreign soil should be reassessed in view of a different global intent.
  •   Lead and cooperate with the global community in developing and implementing treaties and ecological programs that manage human presence. Programs on family planning, controlling fossil fuel emissions, water conservation, and other natural resource preservation efforts are areas where the U.S. can provide assistance through the coordinated efforts of non-governmental organizations.
  •   Set an example to the world of how best to control nuclear weapons. Once agreements are reached with adversaries, set up verification systems and then keep promises.
  •   Develop a diplomatic strategy that helps continental neighbors to address domestic eco-economic problems thereby discouraging their citizens to mass migrate to the U.S. or other countries.