Greatness Returning to the USA?


W.J. Van Ry - January 2017

President-elect Donald J. Trump says he'll "drain the swamp" and "shake up Washington" in his quest to "Make America Great Again." While chasing the ghosts of past glory has nostalgic appeal, a wise man will tell you it's an elusive and futile pursuit. So, maybe Mr. Trump has a more promising vision, not yet articulated, that is grounded in reality for all Americans to rally behind.

His vote-getting campaign slogan felt good, especially to those sensing that the US has lost its grandeur. For the older generation the halcyon days of post-World War II, where America's raison d'état was to rebuild war-torn Europe and Japan and to stop the spread of communism around the globe, was a proud moment in history.

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Making Sense of Immigration Reform


W.J. Van Ry - October 2014

While there is a hiatus in Congress' attempt to reform an allegedly unworkable immigration system, let's take stock of what is involved in this effort. First and foremost the obvious has been ignored: America is full to the brim and doesn't need more people.

Aren't 316 million people enough? And if nothing is done to curtail immigration there will be another 84 million by 2050. Think about it - what can more people do for America? Already ample numbers from different cultures perpetuate highly valued diversity. There are more than enough, if not too many workers, to fill job billets in all types of private and public enterprises. Our native fertility rate remains strong irrespective of immigrant births and our superior armed forces are already able to pick the finest of young men and women. In spite of recent setbacks, this nation still dominates the globe with both military and economic might. We don't need to join the population billionaire's club to exercise our hegemony.

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Population Growth and Obamacare


What They Mean to the American Taxpayer

W.J. Van Ry - July 2012

As America staggers away from the Great Recession, high healthcare costs persist. While there are many drivers of ever-escalating prices, this article focuses on population growth, a causative factor not well recognized. How to care for ever more people is one of those thorny problems that won't go away as the nation wrestles with out-of-control health care expenditures.

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The U.S. Population and Health Care Challenge


W.J. Van Ry - January 2004

As a retired health care executive, people often ask why I am involved in national population issues, when the local hospital might want the benefit of my experience. The answer that follows may seem somewhat obtuse at first but as you read on, hopefully, it becomes clearer.

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